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Servicing the IT industry with excellence since 1983

Countries where I have work experience:

Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam, Samoa, South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Philippines, United States, Kiribati, China, India, Singapore, Spain.

Countries of international IT business solution experience:  

India, Singapore,  Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Mauritius, South Africa, Vietnam,  Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Hungary, China, Bangladesh, Spain


Advertisement: If you are looking for a quality approach to your corporate IT infrastructure and need an internationally experienced professional Executive IT perspective please review my resume.

I am always seeking new challenges and with my considerable managerial experience can provide the highest quality of service and support to the industry and client base of any organisation that I serve.  Please feel free to contact me on: garry@gjsmith.com at any time.

To view my resume online please feel free to:      click here

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